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    One stop shop solution to architects and clients.
  • Your Design, Our Execution

    Interior contractor leveraging 20 years of experience in the field of architecture.

  • Exquisite Polishing & Finishing

    Specializations ranging from civil, plumbing, painting, carpentry.

    " Superior Execution Precedes Design "

    - Charles Jencks, Interior Designer

    “I believe that the execution aspect of interior design is mission critical. It can transform plain design of a site to extravagance! The past 20 years I have honed the art of intentional execution”

    - Nilesh Rele, Design Executor


    Civil work




    Upholstery & Carpentry


    Plaster of paris

    Ongoing maintenance services

    We have simplified answers to your questions 


    Who do we cater to?

    We primarily aim principal architects and interior designers who are looking for design execution and workforce deployment in specialized areas of civil, plumbing, carpentry, painting and other services. In addition, we also cater to high ranking clients who have the design ready for us to kickstart our execution. 

    I am a client and I recently bought a duplex, how can you help?

    With over 20 years of experience, the principal executor Nilesh Rele has adapted to the latest design trends and whetted his deliverance capabilities. In addition, we can appoint interior designers to provide designs of your choice, and then we kickstart our execution.

    I am an interior designer, what am I signing up for?

    If you are a designer we commit to delivering high-level design execution which stems from our extensive years in the business. Today, we draw our excellence from our experience in the deployment of our workforce, procurement of quality materials, and careful supervision from the ground up.

    What is the rate for the services?

    Get in touch at nileshrele67@gmail.com. We will provide you a quotation. This estimate varies on the square feet of the site and the services to be availed. 

    What is the geographical reach of the business?

    Currently, we cater to works of design all over India.

    As an interior designer, what services can I outsource from Rele Decor?

    Our gamut of services include – Civil, plumbing, painting, custom upholstery, plaster of Paris, electrical services. For a detailed breakdown under each category, get in touch at – nileshrele67@gmail.com

    Can you provide more details of your finished work?

    Yes. Most of our work isn’t displayed due to confidential agreements. Get in touch at nileshrele67@gmail.com to receive more information on our prior projects. This information sharing is subject to your credibility and  standing in the industry. 

    “I have seen my father and his business through times of prosperity and hardships. Despite the peaks and troughs, looking back at the business graph, he’s been in a thriving motion ever since. The times when business was slow, he’d take a gamble on new suppliers, ramp up his team’s deliverance efficiency and dissect his prior mistakes to evaluate a better way of doing things. As we know, mistakes in this field are expensive and he’s been acutely cognizant of it with every project.
    This website is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to his design knowledge that is embedded in each layer of service. It all unfolds when the services are availed”

    - Ashika Rele, Managing Partner