“We primarily undertake turnkey projects as we are best able to deploy our workforce at sites which encompasses most or all our extendable services”.


civil work

Most sites begin with demolishing and ends with polishing. We cover for all the steps and in the due course, we procure the raw materials and finished marbles as per requirement. In addition, careful supervision will be ensured until the completion of the project.
“20 years of experience in the business has taught me to gauge the finishing of the site with a quick glimpse at the corners. The nooks and crannies reveal the real story for me”

– Nilesh Rele



“Keeping up with innovative products in the international markets, help me deliver sustainability in our services.” 

– Nilesh Rele


Upholstery & Carpentry

You cannot build a couch without its legs, similarly you cannot have a mattress without a platform. Upholstery and carpentry work often accompany each-other and is all inclusive. As far as carpentry goes, we customize a variety of works of art from timber. In order to provide top-notch service, we source the best quality timber. Tip for you : The drier the wood, the less likely it is to attract termites. With that said, we have established long standing industry networks to source best aged timber for the client and hence, averting the potential damage. 


pop - plaster of paris

Plaster of Paris is highly popular for various reasons like POP moldings, cornice work, fall ceiling, wall textures etc.



“Painting could make or break the aesthetic appeal of your house. Hence, a finishing that prevents peal out is mission critical”

– Nilesh Rele

We have wallpaper vendors based out globally and present an array of selection to choose from.




Electrical work

A home well lit enhances the interior design dramatically. Profile lights, track lights, cove lights, spot lights and foot lights are a part of electrical work. 

“Before my work begins, I inspect every nook of the client’s home to find an appropriate location to fit the electrical distribution board as there is a significant reason in doing so. Which is thereafter finalized by the architect”

– Nilesh Rele



“For an ideal homeowner,  the true extent of fabrication work is limited to outdoor railings and window grills. In order to stay ahead of the competition you have to think out of the box for your architect/client. 

In addition to the outdoor placement, glimpses of rustic yet sophisticated steel work can be added anywhere so I add it to the walls, side table designs, bed back area or even the kitchen slider doors. My team of fabricators deliver creative detailing which is a true testament to the expansive extent of Fabrication!”

– Nilesh Rele


Ongoing MAINTENANCE services

“Deployment of helpers and repairers as per requirement basis has helped me grow my working relationship with my existent clients. In the recent years, we have also garnered a heavy clientele due to word of mouth for our post completion maintenance services.” 

– Nilesh Rele